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  • What's Paraliminal?
    Paul R. Scheele uses a form of 'hypnosis' (if you can even call it that) he calls Paraliminal sessions, scientific research mixed with a healthy dose of spirituality produced loads of sessions to help you better your life.

    He introduces each Paraliminal CD with the purpose or programming parameters for the listening session. Then, Paul skillfully guides you to a state of relaxed alertness while original music plays in the background.
    When you are relaxed, music fades and Paulís voice transforms into multiple voices. The left voice generally weaves metaphors for the creative right brain, and the right voice generally leads you through logical change processes for the analytical left brain.
    The multiple voices soothe and relax. Do not try to listen to the voices - just enjoy the flow and rhythm.
    To finish, Paulís voices become one and music returns as he guides you back to full alertness.

    This is IMO Scheele's greatest work, a compilation of different systems to better one's life. Each disc contains a talk of an expert on different interesting subjects accompagnied with some form of meditation or method to get over the past or get better in the future.
  • 1. Paul Scheele Euphoria & Paraliminal Session (gotta love them drums!)
  • 2. Hale Dwoskin - Sedona Method; Release & let go: could you, would you, when?
  • 3. Trinidad Hunt - Living in your center - Clearing & Revitalization
  • 4. Chunyi Lin - Qi Gong - Meditation
  • 5. Bill Harris - Meditation & holosync (my favorite meditation to date!)
  • 6. Rex & Carolyn Sykes - Attitude Activator

    Among the single/double Paraliminal sessions I enjoyed are:
  • Dream Play (lucid & directed dreaming)
  • Prosperity (attraction)
  • Personal Genius (accelerated learning)
  • Belief (install new ones)
  • Resiliency
  • Genius Code

    Other great larger courses that look very interesting (not just paraliminal):
  • Photoreading course
  • Memory Optimizer
  • Natural Brilliance

    Hemi-Sync & Holosync

    Brain Sync series
    Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson - Awakened Mind System (link)
    Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson - Gamma Meditation System
    Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson & Owen Morrison - Brainwave Journey: Journey of the Mind
    William Buhlman's Hemi-sync work

  • Hemi-Sync wiki
  • Robert Monroe Institute
  • Hemi-Sync

    I am currently trying the Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience of Robert Monroe. Still busy with the first disc.
    One session where you work with releasing fears was truly great. More info later.

  • Holosync wiki
  • Centerpointe research institute

    I love Bill Harris his Holosync meditation included in Paul Scheele's Euphoria session
    Hypnosis, NLP & Affirmations

  • Hypnosis wiki
  • NLP wiki
  • Autosuggestion/Affirmation wiki
  • Hypnosis quotes

  • Steven Heller & Terry Steele: Monsters and Magical Sticks or There's No Such Thing as Hypnosis (intro by RAW)
  • Richard Bandler & John Grinder - Transformations
  • Richard Bandler & John Grinder - Frogs into princes
  • All the other Richard Bandler stuff

    Streaming Hypnosis & NLP Videos
  • NLP & Hypnosis: Richard Bandler vids
  • NLP & Hypnosis: Richard Bandler on fear
  • NLP & Hypnosis: Milton Erickson - Clinical Hypnosis Session
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  • Paul Mckenna - Positivity
  • Chris Howard NLP Training Course