mushroom trip
The Mushroom Trip

The trance set in and I sunk into the bed
My senses switched from primary visual to seeing flashes of light and
heightening all other senses to extreme magnitude
Feeling, hearing, smelling, tasting took over
I felt like a stone, melting into mud
the ego dissolving
the mud changed into water
the water into space
I died and saw death
He wasn't a scary appearance with a scythe
but an old distinguished man in suit with a pair of scissors
He smiled at me
and waved his scissors as in "not your time yet"
Time got a mind of its own and stretched as fast and slow as it wanted
I felt like I was back in the womb safe
I lived through all kinds of lives from all times
from all cultures
past lives?
I crawled like worms and snakes through dirt and leaves
swam like fishes, dolphins and whales in oceans
ran through the jungle as lions and reptiles
flew like eagles and soared through the air
frolicked about like insects in their habitats
stood like plants and trees in the forest
reshaping my skin
A short fear of being sucked away to another reality
Everyone and everything was communicating, first in conflict
slowly reaching an understanding
Coming to the realization that all was, is and ever will be ONE
I finally understood now
The bolts of light shot faster and faster
coming together in a spiraling whirlpool
faster, faster, FASTER
untill they formed a gigantic ball of light
into a star
into a sun
pure awareness
I felt at home again
omnipresent, omniscient
oh golden age
oh bliss
I remained in bliss for a long while
even though time didn't seem to exist here
then the time was right
Now I can return
and with that thought
I came to in our world

But which is the dream?

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